Make Lunchtime Easy!

Fresh Fully prepared meals that will take the effort out of lunchtime brought to you by Life Balance Lunchbox

Fully Prepared Meals jam packed with nutrients to get you through the day.

Choosing what to eat for lunch is always a hassle. This issue grows exponentially when you add in the need for it to be healthy. We at Life Balance Lunchbox have taken the legwork out of developing a top quality meal that is excellent for achieving your fitness goals as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Learn Something along the way

In each Life Balance Lunchbox, we will include a description of the food items inside detailing the nutrients that can be found in them as well as a fact on the benefits they provide. This allows you to expand your knowledge and make better decisions outside of just lunch time.
"Ever since starting my subscription with Life Balance Lunchbox, I have seen a huge increase in energy. Not only does it take the time out of choosing and preparing a lunch, but the high-quality ingredients leave me feeling ready to tackle the rest of the day!"

Rachel O'Connor IBM

Fresh Fully Prepared Meals

Customize Your Exprience

Our meal plans are customizable. You can set preferences on food choices and choose between different options we have provided. You will have the flexibility to decide what looks best to you!

The Domino Effect

One good decision can lead to many. Many good decisions can form a habit. A habit can lead you to achieve any personal goal you may have. Whether your goal is fitness oriented, increased energy, or just overall health improvement, this can be your stepping stone.
"These ready to eat meals are incredible and always made with the freshest ingredients. I love how they come with educational cards to describe the benefits of the food inside. Not only do you get a great meal but you learn something too!"

John Smith Ernst & Young

Fresh Fully Prepared Meals